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Google Voice Search – Now talk to your Search Engine

Google has had a pretty big year in terms of improvements. First, they introduce +1 and now they introduce voice search for desktop. While voice search has been a big part of Android for years, desktop users have had to stick to typing. Google used all of the voice data it has been collecting on Android to hone desktop search into a well-oiled machine.

The effectiveness of voice search is surprisingly good. Google is leading the pack when it comes to voice recognition. Despite trying to stump it with uncommon words, out of the 50 or so times I used voice search it only misheard me twice. This includes searches involving names and book titles. It’s clear that Google has been putting all those mobile voice searches to good use.

Should you care about Search Engine Optimization for your Website

Few of my friends have been expecting of me to post something on Search engine optimization or SEO in short.  SEO is a vast domain and it is impossible to cover it entirely in this post, I’ll try to highlight few tips for the newbies who intend to become Search engine optimizers or SEO specialists.  Before proceeding further, keep in mind that not everyone can be be worthy of being called a Search engine optimizer and it certainly isn’t easy to become one.  It isn’t just that you employ few on-page and offpage optimization tricks and will get results in your targeted search engines. Don’t expect results overnight.