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Let me sing you a waltz

My first english song on this blog probably and it had to be this. A waltz for a night by Julie Delpy from the movie Before Sunset which I just so very much like, both the song and the movie…loved Before Sunrise, it was equally marvellous, two great movies really. I’d say two of my all time favorites movies, Gems in my collection! I can go on and on about the movie pair…I don’t intend to bore you with the details though… you listen to the waltz….the lyrics are beautiful and so moving.

Hum Na mile toh Na Sahi!

Na mile toh na sahi song from the movie Socha na tha, singer and music director Sandesh Shandilya. An Abhay Deol‘s song first time on this blog!

Lyrics of Na mile toh na sahi
Ek ped humne pyaar ka milke lagaya tha kabhi
Aate jo phal to theek tha, woh na phale toh na sahi
Kuch na hue toh na sahi, na bane toh na sahi,
Na mile na sahi, kuch na rahe toh na sahi

Find That Perfect Lover

Looking for your Mr or Miss perfect? Finding the lover of your dreams is possible! You have just have to venture out. Few tips will help you all the singles in finding that Perfect mate that never seems to be appearing before you in person.

Relationships are funny. You never know what works for some people. Maybe your best friend is with someone that you can’t stand. Maybe the only thing holding you back from meeting the perfect someone is the fact that they like peanut butter and you can’t stand it. Maybe we spend so much time debating it and going over the rights and wrongs in our heads that we have lost sight of the things that are really important. What do we want from our life partner? What basic needs do we have out of a relationship? Is your nitpicking going to hinder your approach to love?