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Teri Yaadon ki Sunhari Dhoop

Teri yaadon ki sunhari dhoop
Ek jashn hai meri zindagi ka,
Geeli ret per chorr ke apne nishan
Likhti jaati hai koi geet khushi ka,
Tere saath bitaya har lamha
Dilki dhadkan me koi saaz ched jata hai,
Aaj bhi deti hain jab dastak tumhari yaadein
Tera aks nagmo me badal jata hai,
Main nahi jaanta ke ye yaadein na hoti to kya hota
Magar ye janta hoon
Na khushnuma sargam ka falsafa hota
Na zindagi jeene ka mayna hota,
Ye yaadein ek jashn hai meri zindagi ka
Jo likhti jaati hain koi geet khushi ka!

Let me sing you a waltz

My first english song on this blog probably and it had to be this. A waltz for a night by Julie Delpy from the movie Before Sunset which I just so very much like, both the song and the movie…loved Before Sunrise, it was equally marvellous, two great movies really. I’d say two of my all time favorites movies, Gems in my collection! I can go on and on about the movie pair…I don’t intend to bore you with the details though… you listen to the waltz….the lyrics are beautiful and so moving.

Hum jo chale tum bhi chalo saath

One of the most soothing songs you’ll ever hear is this one – Hum jo chale tum bhi chalo saath from Silk route in the soulful voice of Mohit Chauhan who started off his career with Silk route band. Silk route has always created a different sort of music, something that comforts your soul from deep within. Normally, such kind of inherent soothing quality in music is normally seen in Ghazals. Listen to this one and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. I get nostalgic listening it. Music as well as lyrics both are amazingly beautiful.

Dunia ki Iss Bheed mein Sabse Peeche Hum Khade

Silk route is also one of my favorites bands. I love the soothing music they compose…the lyrics are equally awesome. Here’s one of the finest from Silk route sung by Mohit Chauhan. The following is the original video.

There is one also from the movie Let’s Enjoy. That one is also filmed beautifully.

Lyrics of Sabse peeche hum khade
Zaara nazar uthake dekho
Baithe hain hum yahin
Bekhabar mujhse kyun ho
Itne bure bhi hum nahin

Zamane ki baaton mein uljho na
Hai yeh aasaan janana
Khud se jo agar tum poocho
Hai hum tumhare ke nahi
Teri aankhon ka jaadu
Poori duniya pe hai
Duniya ki iss bheed mein
Sabse peeche hum khade

Hum Na mile toh Na Sahi!

Na mile toh na sahi song from the movie Socha na tha, singer and music director Sandesh Shandilya. An Abhay Deol‘s song first time on this blog!

Lyrics of Na mile toh na sahi
Ek ped humne pyaar ka milke lagaya tha kabhi
Aate jo phal to theek tha, woh na phale toh na sahi
Kuch na hue toh na sahi, na bane toh na sahi,
Na mile na sahi, kuch na rahe toh na sahi

Ve gall sun chhallia

Rabbi is one of my favorite singers and composers. The kind of magic (music) he creates is just wonderful. Listen to Challa by Rabbi this time. Its’ very very soothing and has wonderful lyrics….a friend helped me to properly put these down….so now Gall sunn chhalia!

Lyrics of Chhalla Vas nai oo mere

Chhalla vas nahi oo mere – 4
Chhalla vas meri maa de
Ghallegi tan jange
Ve gall sun chhallia
Khaure keeta kis is ‘te toona

Ve Chhalla bambi da paani
Chhalla bambi da paani – 2
Kithhey veh gaye ne jaani
Asan khabar ko na jaani
Ve gall sun chhallia -2
Teri beri ik uggia ey kanda

Dil toh dhadkta hai waise hi

Euphoria has been one of my favorites band. At one time, not a single day would pass without listening to euphoria songs. I remember I used to hear dil toh dhadakta song a lot. Now its’ your turn to listen to it. Its’ from the Album Gully, singer Dr. Palash Sen who is lead vocalist of Euphoria. I just love the lyrics particularly the part Mujhe maloom hai ke tum mujhe na puchogi ke main kaisa hoon…

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