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Tere baare mein jab socha nahi tha

Tere baare mein jab socha nahi tha, main tanha tha magar itna nahi tha! The lyrics say it all. Very beautiful, very touching ghazal by Jagjit singh. Each part is beautifully composed. Beautiful lyrics, beautiful model, beautiful video. Ok, lets’ no go overboard with beautiful. Keep your eyes closed & Enjoy the Ghazal!

Lyrics of Tere baare mein jab socha nahi tha
Tere baare mein jab socha nahin tha – 2
Main tanha tha magar itna nahin thaa – 2
Tere baare mei jab socha nahi tha – 2

Tera chehra hai aaeene jaisa

The very beautiful and very soothing tera chehra hai aaine jaisa by Jagjit singh. I just love this ghazal and can listen it for hours. The beautiful girl in the video quite looks like someone I know. That makes the song even more special for me. Love Tum achanak mile they jab pehle, pal nahi hai voh bhoolne jaisa!

[dailymotion x7uk1z nolink]

Lyrics of Tera chehra hai aaine jaisa
Tera chehara hai aaeene jaisa – (2)
kyun na dekhu hai dekhane jaisa
Tera chehara hai aaeene jaisa

Tum kaho toh main puchh loon tumse – (2)
hai sawaal ek puchhane jaisa – (2)
tera chehra hai aaine jaisa

Munh ki baat sune har koi

Munh ki baat sune har koi dil ke dard ko jaane kaun….this ghazal makes me cry every time I hear it… strike something in mind? Yes, Neem ka ped serial that aired on DD-1 long time back…remember Budhai ram? (the character played by Pankaj Kapoor in Neem ka ped).

Our good old Doordarshan days when cable tv crap was nowhere..what a time that was! Still makes me nostalgic thinking about it….wish I could just go back and turn back the time…sigh, not possible!…I can however get you a list of programs broadcast on DD national. Back to the song, listen to it, its’ sooo soothing and touching. The lyrics are very touchy.

Shayad Main Zindagi ki Sahar leke aa gaya

There are few songs and ghazals I can listen to for hours & hours without getting deviated, getting bored. Shayad main zindagi ki sehar is one such ghazal sung by Jagjit singh, beautiful, soothing and mesmerising.

Lyrics of Shayad main zindagi ki sahar

Shayad main zindagi ki sahar le ke aa gaya
Qaatil ko aaj apne hi ghar le ke aa gaya

Shayad main zindagi ki sahar leke aa gaya

Taa-Umr Dhundta raha manzil main ishq ki
Anjaam Ye ke garde safar le ke aa gaya

Baat Niklegi toh phir Door talak jayegi

If you are marketing something, you know how important it is to spread the word about whatever you’re promoting. However, when it comes to Love, some things are better left unsaid because Baat niklegi to fir door talak jayegi!

Baat niklegi to fir, beautiful ghazal, beautifully sung by Jagjit Singh, lyrics by Kafeel Aazer for all of you who intend to keep secrets! lol. Sorry, no video this time.

Lyrics of Baat Niklegi to phir

Baat niklegi toh phir door talak jaayegi
Log be-wajah udaasi ka sabab puchhenge
Ye bhi puchenge ke tum itni pareshan kyun ho

Tere khushboo mein base khat main jalaata kaise

Tere khushboo mein basey khat..another beautiful nazm by Jagjit singh.  Love “Jinko dunia ki nigahon se” and “Tere khat aaj main ganga mein baha aaya hoon” part much.  Touches the heart from deep within.

Lyrics of Tere Khushboo mein base khat

Tere khushboo mein base khat main jalaata kaise
Pyaar mein doobe hue khat main jalaata kaise
Tere haathon ke likhe khat main jalaata kaise

Jinko dunia ki nigahon se chhupaye rakha
Jinko ek umr kaleje se lagaaye rakha
Deen jinko jinhe imaan banaye rakha
Tere khushbu mein base khata main jalaata kaise

Shaam se Aankh mein Nami si hai

I don’t have much to say about Shaam se aankh mein nami si hai by Jagjit singh and Gulzar once again. Its’ just that I kept listening to it on and off and over time started to actually like it.  I hope you like it too. The attached youtube video is not complete but this was the best I could dig up on Youtube.  Listen what is there in song and feel it!  My favorite part, Dafn kardo hamein ke saans mile, nabz kuch der se thami si hai!

Lyrics of shaam se aankh mein nami si hai