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Who would you rather be with?

Think knowledge can help you make more money? Think again. You think facebook and twitter addicts have no life? You’re wrong. The reality is harsh, life’s unfair. So who would you rather be with, SEO, SMM or a web developer?

Walk when you talk? What a Stupid Idea Sir ji!

Talking about advertisements….You know some ads are just plain nonsense..some of them are so distasteful that the you find yourself stuck in your same old dreaded habit of switching channels all the time. The “what an IDEA Sir ji!” line of ads from Idea Cellular probably fall in to this category.  Walk while you talk or talk while you walk, walk and talk, talk and walk, rubbish blatantly starts with the feel that the idea’s revolutionising India. No Sir, with all respect, the idea is not revolutionising by any means, it is nothing more than stupid imagination.