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Hum jo chale tum bhi chalo saath

One of the most soothing songs you’ll ever hear is this one – Hum jo chale tum bhi chalo saath from Silk route in the soulful voice of Mohit Chauhan who started off his career with Silk route band. Silk route has always created a different sort of music, something that comforts your soul from deep within. Normally, such kind of inherent soothing quality in music is normally seen in Ghazals. Listen to this one and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. I get nostalgic listening it. Music as well as lyrics both are amazingly beautiful.

Ve gall sun chhallia

Rabbi is one of my favorite singers and composers. The kind of magic (music) he creates is just wonderful. Listen to Challa by Rabbi this time. Its’ very very soothing and has wonderful lyrics….a friend helped me to properly put these down….so now Gall sunn chhalia!

Lyrics of Chhalla Vas nai oo mere

Chhalla vas nahi oo mere – 4
Chhalla vas meri maa de
Ghallegi tan jange
Ve gall sun chhallia
Khaure keeta kis is ‘te toona

Ve Chhalla bambi da paani
Chhalla bambi da paani – 2
Kithhey veh gaye ne jaani
Asan khabar ko na jaani
Ve gall sun chhallia -2
Teri beri ik uggia ey kanda