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History and Origins of Computer Viruses and How to Protect Your Computer from Them

Turning on your computer to discover that it has been infected with a virus can be just as frustrating and upsetting as waking up to the realization that you’ve become really sick overnight. Computer viruses operate in much the same way as a biological virus in that they thrive on being passed from computer to computer. In other words, if you have an infected computer you’re likely to pass on that infection to all of your friends’ computers in the same way that you’d also pass the common cold onto them. Unlike a biological virus, however, your computer can infect the computer of a friend who isn’t even in the same country as you. Virus protection software is getting more advanced each day but it is still important for users to take precautions, especially with their e-mails.

Most famous computer viruses and worms ever

We all know computer viruses. I mean every jack and jill these days have an idea of what computer viruses are. It looks like they have gained celebrity status these days. Millions of infected computers worldwide home millions of species of viruses.

Look at this picture, doesn’t it remind you something? This innocent outcast virus and its’ family wants a place in your laptop, a little unused corner perhaps. Would you mind letting him in?
System administrator’s nightmare and security companies lucky mascot, a computer virus, can aptly be called a virtual disease which affects a computer system and makes it sick, forcing to act in a manner undesired by the user. Ok, I won’t be too harsh on a pure little piece of code, hey, did I tell you I love viruses for the kind of creatures they are. I appreciate their zeal, their spirit,the passion to multiply!