Something related to Diet, health and fitness and an interesting diet program called Fruitarianism this time.
DIET – the most common word for almost every one of us. Who doesn’t want to have a slim and healthy body? No one! This is why numerous diet programs have been introduced to us. It basically taps 2 of the most important aspects of ourselves: brain and body. Undergoing a healthy diet can sustain and develop our brains. It can also lessen the likelihood of acquiring diseases.

One of the most common diet programs is Fruitarianism. Its definition is as simple as eating:

Teri Yaadon ki Sunhari Dhoop

Teri yaadon ki sunhari dhoop
Ek jashn hai meri zindagi ka,
Geeli ret per chorr ke apne nishan
Likhti jaati hai koi geet khushi ka,
Tere saath bitaya har lamha
Dilki dhadkan me koi saaz ched jata hai,
Aaj bhi deti hain jab dastak tumhari yaadein
Tera aks nagmo me badal jata hai,
Main nahi jaanta ke ye yaadein na hoti to kya hota
Magar ye janta hoon
Na khushnuma sargam ka falsafa hota
Na zindagi jeene ka mayna hota,
Ye yaadein ek jashn hai meri zindagi ka
Jo likhti jaati hain koi geet khushi ka!

Weekly Twitter Updates for 2012-01-08

  • The stupid believe that to be truthful is easy, only the artist, the great artist knows how difficult it is. #
  • You may not have connections, or an education, or wealth, but with enough passion and sweat, you can make anything happen. #
  • Inadequate sleep reduces innovative thinking by 60 percent and flexibility in decision making by 39 percent. So guys go hv some sleep.. #
  • You’ll regret the things you didn’t do much more than anything you did, so don't be afraid to try new things. #

Twitter launches a new user interface again

Good news from twitter folks. They have rolled out a new interface!  Yes! a new interface yet again and this time it’s looking quite promising. It’s faster and more consistent. The earlier one was so slow that It made me stop using twitter almost entirely.

As per twitter,

It’s now easier and faster to see the information that matters most to you. Immediately access your favorite features from the lefthand side. Photos, videos and conversations are embedded directly in Tweets so you can see the whole story at a glance. And now everything in Home will appear consistently across computers, iPhones, and Android mobile phones.

History and Origins of Computer Viruses and How to Protect Your Computer from Them

Turning on your computer to discover that it has been infected with a virus can be just as frustrating and upsetting as waking up to the realization that you’ve become really sick overnight. Computer viruses operate in much the same way as a biological virus in that they thrive on being passed from computer to computer. In other words, if you have an infected computer you’re likely to pass on that infection to all of your friends’ computers in the same way that you’d also pass the common cold onto them. Unlike a biological virus, however, your computer can infect the computer of a friend who isn’t even in the same country as you. Virus protection software is getting more advanced each day but it is still important for users to take precautions, especially with their e-mails.

iPhone Bug for Hackers

Apple’s iPhone apps have always been considered the safe alternative to Android. Unlike the Android marketplace, Apple screens all its apps before posting them for use. One researcher, however, discovered a bug in their screening process that would potentially allow hackers access to your phone.

Photo courtesy: MorgueFile

Charlie Miller, a researcher at Accuvant and one of the world’s best-known Apple hackers, said,

Until now, you could just blindly trust and download as many apps as you wanted and not worry about it, but until they fix this, you really should think twice about any apps you’re downloading, because they could be malicious.

Nexus Prime: Will It Be the iPhone 5 Killer?

Now, some news from Smartphone market. Smartphone industry has been seeing a lot of buzz lately as almost all the major players are trying to grab a piece of pie. Apple the current industry leader, is facing stiff competition from Samsung.
There have been many phones that have been labeled the iPhone killer over the past few years. The fact of the matter is that most of these smartphones have been very similar to the iPhone and have not been able to shake the fantastic grip that Apple has on the smartphone market. Some Android smartphones may have slightly better specifications and they may even look better, but Apple has a dedicated market and people find the iPhone very easy to set up, use and manage. That is why it has been such a best seller over the past few years. However, Google and Samsung have now teamed up to bring out a phone that will be called the Nexus Prime. This phone is unique because it will be called the first “ice cream sandwich” cell phone that has ever been released.