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You might have noticed that I have been consistently updating this blog and I plan on doing it for long. However, due to hectic work schedules and my involvement in a number of different projects along with a full time job, it becomes hard to maintain posting frequency sometimes.  If you are a guest blogger, guest author or just love guest writing, you may like to Add your Ego to Electric Ego.

I’d be pleased to publish your views, articles, posts here. Anyone can submit guest post for publication so long as the post is valuable to the readers of this blog and has not been published elsewhere (unique quality), I will accept and publish it here.

For the length, I’ll accept both long and short blog posts. If you are writing an article, an informative blog post or a how-to post, the preferred length is 250 to 450 words or more.  No paid to review, self-promotional, spyware/adware incorporated programs.

Why should I write for Electric Ego?

Good question. You’ll get the following…

One way link backs to your blog / website
Your guest post will be included with an anchor text link and a url to your website in the author bio of your guest post.

The preferred topics you can write on are ideas/ways to make money online, Internet marketing, blogging, web designing, web marketing, Traffic generation strategies, Search engine optimization, Search engine marketing, content writing, copy writing. Ok, these are the usual ones everyone is doing. I like to be a little different.  You can also write about

Software that helps increase productivity, general computer security topics, health, fitness, beauty & well being, self help (whoa quite a vast domain).

Search Engine Traffic
Electric Ego gets hundreds of hits coming directly from Google on a number of keywords. There are chances that you probably stumbled on here by Google search. A contextual free link is way better than the ads.

I do not employ any black hat/grey hat search engine results tweaking / optimizing techniques here. Therefore, almost all the major search engines prefer this blog in SERPs. I have seen it is preferred in searches on Google india and other country specific Google domains (thanks to Google).

Interaction with blog readers
You’ll get a chance to interact with readers of this blog. You’ll have the opportunity to establish yourself as an authority in your domain. If you’re already an authority, you’ll widen your reach & establish credibility even more. Spreading the word & marketing yourself is always good you know.

A chance to get to know each other!
Besides, interacting with the readers, we’ll get to know each other. Being a pro-problem solver, I can help you with your projects, we may discuess business opportunities, become friends & collaborate even on a better level.

A sense of Contribution & Sharing
By sharing your knowledge/expertise with others, there is this inner sense of satisfaction that you’ll get as an added advantage!

Still not convinced? Ok, I’ll also follow you on your twitter!

Only unique blog posts that haven’t been published elsewhere. You can submit them to other places after 3 days of publishing here.

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