No social bookmarking using Onlywire anymore, Goodbye Onlywire!

The past week have been hectic and this week has been a bit weird. Weird in the sense that I could not focus on anything I have planned ahead. No schedule set. No priorities defined. Nothing achieved. The only one task I’d deem worthwhile and that I could finish on time was finishing SEO analysis of a Casino website for a client. Online Casinos, Gambling, yeah I know, I can see your sulking facial reactions, but at least I am glad I finished the task, that’s what matters.

One more thing that I didn’t have planned but eventually ended up doing was ditching Onlywire service. For those who are still wondering what Onlywire is, head on to Onlywire proclaims to be a social bookmarking solution that automates content and bookmark distribution! (Yeah I know it went over your head).

If they are to be believed, “OnlyWire syndicates your content and articles to the web’s top social networking sites with a single button click.” See Sorry, you’ll have to copy and paste it to the browser, I am in no mood to provide even a link back to their website (Ego problems I know!).

How it works? I knew you’d ask. You just feed in your user ids and passwords of a number of social bookmarking and networking websites in to the service and all it would do is post your bookmarks to all of them itself. It claims to submit to Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Delicious, Google bookmarks, Yahoo bookmarks, StumbleUpon, umm……hold on…let me check …(Logging in for the last time probably)…here we go…Blinklist, Ask, Connotea, Mixx, Hi5, Myspace and few others (very few infact).

These onlywire guys had been running it as a free service earlier, that was the last time probably their users were happy with it. They turned to paid and ad-supported system and that’s where the troubles began to take shape. Onlywire sucks now in my humble opinion. They do not submit to the number of websites they claim. Half of the username, password boxes in their system simply do not work. Emailing support will not help. The backend services would not store user ids and passwords for some stupid reason. Last time I bookmarked a link, out of 10 sites stored in, they could just submit to 3 of them (Twitter, Yahoo bookmarks and Delicious), well actually there was StumbleUpon as well…It’d however require a finalizing, so you have to click once more to finalize only to find out that would fail (it failed in my case actually). Enough of meddling with onlywire, let me just say Goodbye to it. If you guys had similar experiences with one click social bookmarking solutions, please do enlighten our readers.

A bit of dislaimer here, the above review is based on my experiences with the onlywire services, the views & opinions do not constitute as a legal advice. Even this disclaimer suck!


  1. Angie said,

    Wrote on November 6, 2009 @ 12:00

    must say a good experience lolz. I never believe in such websites (one click n submit to 1000 other websites …CRAP)

  2. Mark said,

    Wrote on November 9, 2009 @ 15:06

    Onlywire has become bad after the upgrade to paid model really. Better stop using it.

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