Two great click tracking Tools for Performance Marketers

Internet marketers many a times have to manage a number of campaigns.  While those who are just adwords specialist work mainly on Google Adwords platform or Bing adcenter at the most, others are not limited to just two of them.

Click tracking is one of the most important and formidable tool in the arsenal of a marketer.  Not many marketers are aware of tools who specialize in this domain though.  You may have a vague idea about what exactly click tracking is and how it can be immensely beneficial to your marketing efforts. You may also be a type of marketer who is overwhelmed simply by Looking at Google Analytics reports.  GA or Google analytics is no doubt a great platform for tracking and analyzing your traffic. There are a variety of similar tools which provide digital marketing specialists must not ignore.

Two such tools that you seriously consider using are:-

ClickMagick      ClickMagick adds a lot of flexibility to how you manage your campaigns. Additionally, it goes a step further than most of the currently available tools are struggling to do these days but are not able to.  ClickMagick is a killer product that you must not overlook.

It’s the next-gen click tracker, rotator and link manager. It not only tracks all your clicks …. but it makes them an average of 56% more profitable!

Take a look at clickmagick here

Voluum     Volume is also one of the most widely used Click tracking platform that has lots of smart features but is a little overwhelming for new users. It sure adds a lot of worth to your campaigns though. Pricewise, Voluum is a little bit on the higher end than ClickMagick.  It offers real time reporting, rotator, traffic generator and supports a variety of channels.

My Advice for starters is that you should start with ClickMagick and try managing a few of your marketing accounts and then get your hands wet on Voluum if need arises. 

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