iPhone Bug for Hackers

Apple’s iPhone apps have always been considered the safe alternative to Android. Unlike the Android marketplace, Apple screens all its apps before posting them for use. One researcher, however, discovered a bug in their screening process that would potentially allow hackers access to your phone.

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Charlie Miller, a researcher at Accuvant and one of the world’s best-known Apple hackers, said,

Until now, you could just blindly trust and download as many apps as you wanted and not worry about it, but until they fix this, you really should think twice about any apps you’re downloading, because they could be malicious.

Miller said he told Apple about the issue and the company told him that a fix was impending. He says he exposed the bug so that Apple could fix the issue before a malicious hacker started stealing information from customer’s iPhones. What did he get in return for his help? Apple banned him from the iOS developer program for a year.

I think it’s pretty rude. If you think about what I’m doing- I’m pointing out a flaw that would affect everybody and that the bad guys could use to install malware (malicious software). And they’re not paying me, I’m just doing it to be nice.

If hackers found the flaw and exploited it, the results could be disastrous. “It could grab your address book and ship it off to the bad guy,” Miller said. “It could grab all your photos and ship them off to a bad guy.”
Finding the bug could have repercussions for Apple’s App Store. Previously, they had been free of malicious software. If one bug is found, who is to say that there are not more out there? Still, Apple’s App Store is safer than Android Market.

Miller added: “It’s a very safe environment except for this. It just shows that you’ve never completely safe.”

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