Nexus Prime: Will It Be the iPhone 5 Killer?

Now, some news from Smartphone market. Smartphone industry has been seeing a lot of buzz lately as almost all the major players are trying to grab a piece of pie. Apple the current industry leader, is facing stiff competition from Samsung.
There have been many phones that have been labeled the iPhone killer over the past few years. The fact of the matter is that most of these smartphones have been very similar to the iPhone and have not been able to shake the fantastic grip that Apple has on the smartphone market. Some Android smartphones may have slightly better specifications and they may even look better, but Apple has a dedicated market and people find the iPhone very easy to set up, use and manage. That is why it has been such a best seller over the past few years. However, Google and Samsung have now teamed up to bring out a phone that will be called the Nexus Prime. This phone is unique because it will be called the first “ice cream sandwich” cell phone that has ever been released.

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What that means is that there will be no physical buttons on this phone. It will just be one large, mega HD screen. That is something completely unheard of for cell phones and is sure to excite people a great deal. The Nexus Prime will be superior to previous Samsung phones in every department. It will have better graphics, speed, processing ability and a much larger screen. It is also set to have a better battery life and even better call quality.The Nexus Prime will not have any customized or pre-loadedapplications on it simply because Google wants people to make their own choices when it comes to interface and applications. The amazing thing about this phone, though, is the fact that there will be no physical buttons. Everything will be done through the touch screen and it is sure to be a revolution for the smartphone marketThe Nexus Prime’s display is being called a “Super Amoled HD” display and it will have either a 720 p or 1080 p high definition resolution. That is comparable to most cell phones that are currently at around 960 x 540 or 800 x 480 in terms of their resolution. This cell phone will also have a processing speed of between 1.2 GHz and 1.5 GHz, making it far faster than any previous Google device. It will be running the Texas Instruments OMAP chip or Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chip, both of which are at the very high end of smartphone chips.

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The Nexus Prime will also sport a 5 mega pixel camera and it will have a sensor that will ensure that images will be of a higher quality, especially in conditions where lighting is poor. There will also be a video chat camera, rumored to be around 1 or 1.5 mega pixels. The Nexus Prime will have no problems running on any 4G LTE network and will have around 1 GB to 2 GB of RAM for multi-tasking and application speed of the highest order. While these specifications are not official, even the most minimum estimates for this cell phone are higher than have been seen before in the smartphone industry.

These are the features that are going to allow the Nexus Prime to have a real shot at being the iPhone 5 killer. While the iPhone 5 is an exciting upgrade, it is merely a few tweaks and perhaps a slightly lighter, sleeker model. The Nexus Prime is a completely different type of smartphone. For Google, it is going to be the model that has the simplicity, speed, features, elegance and convenience for them to finally break the stranglehold that Apple has on most smartphone sales.

The fact of the matter is, Apple will continue to be the most popular smart phone for a few years still. However, with the Nexus Prime the competition will finally be catching up and possibly overtaking Apple in terms of the quality of their product. While some people will still remain loyal to the Apple interface it is only a matter of time before they see the advantages of the Nexus Prime. It will have a much larger screen, an amazing resolution and lighting fast browsing and application speeds. This means that no matter how good the iPhone looks or no matter how Apple spins the iPhone 5, it will be inferior to the Nexus Prime.

This is a guest article by Ruben Corbo, a writer for the website Cell Phone Expert where you can compare cell phone plans.

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