Google PageRank update October 2009

Google PageRank update in October 2009 is happening while I am writing this post. I noticed a jump in the PageRank of few of my websites early this morning and was delighted to see the greenery spreading! Even one of the Twitter account I had been maintaining for quite a while got a dose of Page rank 4 from PR 0. It looks the update started on October 29, 2009 and is going on as of Oct. 30, 2009. Although, I have been noticing minor PR fluctuations since the third week of October. The October 2009 google page rank update is confirmed now.

We had been speculating a Pagerank update in October 2009 and the wait is finally over. Forums like Webmaster World, DigitalPoint forum and blogs and websites here, here and here and thousands of others are buzzing with the activity.

Normally Google updates its PageRank in Toolbar once every 3 to 4 months. Last time a minor page rank update occurred in June 2009 and a major one in May 2009. Thousands of Internet Marketers and SEOs have been anticipating a major PageRank update in October. I am not particularly excited but a bit delighted to see almost all of my websites except this blog getting a raise this time. Electric ego should get its share of Ego boost sometime soon, may be in the next update.

Surprisingly, this October 2009 pagerank update has come just few days after I read somewhere that importance of PageRank in Google Algorithm has further been downplayed. So, if you are still jollying along, time to realize that the Page Rank is not that significant a factor these days. It is not a ranking metric in SERPs, it is not counted and valued as much as you may have been lead to believe. Anyway, A high page rank does always give a website some weight and status and can magically boost the ego of your digital baby. Better to hold some weight than none. Just imagine a search engine or Internet marketing company entangled between a PR of 0 to 2, doesn’t sound good, does it?

Finally, my good wishes to all the link-builders who had been running through blogs, forums, trying to grab some link juice. It is time to see if your efforts have paid off.

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