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This post is about finding out Delhi ka number 1 SEO or Delhi’s best SEO. I don’t have to elaborate on what search engine optimization or SEO is. Some say it is an art, some say it is a science. Whatever the case be, here in Delhi, SEO experts are in plenty. I come across so many SEO experts in New Delhi each one pronouncing itself as the best and number one SEO, Cheap and affordable is what they add besides, be it a freelancer or a company alike. The no. 1 seo is a cheap seo, don’t know about you, but it’s hard to swallow for me.

One more thing I find about our self glorified search engine experts is that they blatantly throw ranking guarantees with such absolute certainty that I wonder if they own Google! It looks like as if they entered into some sort of secret pact with Google and Google is bound to follow them no matter how competive the keyword is. Another funny thing that I notice is that you’d find many of them asking very naive questions in SEO forums. Questions like,

Please can anyone tell me what a keyword proximity is? or Could anyone tell me the difference between a nofollow and a dofollow tag? I mean Excuse me, if you call yourself Best SEO in Delhi, you gotta be telling us what these things are and not the other way around.

So, here is a challenge! Out of so many best, How would you find out who is Delhi ka number 1 SEO? How would you figure out who is the Best SEO among them? Just plain non-sensical boasting will not do here, the winner must show us the proof. You’ve got to show us the results. You have got to back your tall claims up. One way is to arrange an SEO challenge locally here in Delhi allowing us to pick the best SEO in Delhi out of performance. Performance based SEO is a big thing anyway. There is another short way, let’s ask Google, Delhi ka best SEO kaun 🙂

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  1. Preet said,

    Wrote on September 6, 2010 @ 22:22

    yes, all is true. Thats why i haven’t join any seo course. i am certain if they will clarify my doubts or not. Anyway, this image is nice it seems kash is sitting on the top….lolz. All the Best! 🙂

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