Weekly Twitter Updates for 2010-04-18

  • "Take your life in your own hands and what happens? A terrible thing: no one to blame." – Erica Jong #
  • "It doesn't matter how slowly you go so long as you don't stop." ~Confucius #
  • "Sometimes things aren't exactly how you always imagined… they're even better." #
  • "The most effective way to do it, is to do it." – Amelia Earhart #quote #
  • 'Puter viruses shd count as life. It says smthng abt human nature tht the only form of life we'hv created so far is purely destructive. #
  • "A life not clearly scheduled is a destiny stuck in traffic." ~Unknown #
  • Don't talk about yourself so much… we'll do that when you leave. #
  • Wow good to see my sign #Taurus trending! #
  • I feel Love at every sight of you! #iheartquotes #ihatequotes #
  • "I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody."
    — Bill Cosby, Comedian #
  • "Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people" #
  • "The minute I stopped trying to find the right girl, and started trying to become the right guy…the girl came." Jonathan Antin #
  • The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up. #

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