5 Writing Tips for Better Blogging

Blogging takes time, better blogging takes efforts. In order to differentiate your blog in the blogosphere, you must learn to blog better & that means learning to write better.  The following writing tips will help you in both writing & blogging better.

1. Keep it Simple

Reading text from a screen takes most people around 25% longer than reading from printed media, plus it’s a lot more tiring. Make your blog more attractive to your readers by using simple language and dedicating each sentence and each paragraph to a single idea or concept.

2. Front-load Content

Front-loading your content basically means putting your conclusion first, the bit everyone’s interested in, followed by the usual who, what, when, where and how. This lets your readers scan the first sentence to determine if the information is of interest and whether or not to keep reading.

3. Bolden Key Words

People reading from a screen typically scan for content that is of interest. By making the most important words in each paragraph bold you are allowing readers to quickly work out what the blog post is about. The highlighted words should make sense even if they are read out of context.

4. Use Sensible Layouts

Present information in lists and left-align all your text. Lists are always preferable to long paragraphs as they are easy to scan, more likely to be read and typically more succinct. Left-aligned text is also easier to read than centered or justified text.

5. Use Informative Sub-headings

Use informative sub-headings that make is easy for the reader to find the information they are looking for. Sub-headings visually break up large blocks of text whilst also allowing readers to scan the content for items of interest. Typically one sub-heading should be used for every 2 – 4 paragraphs.

Happy blogging!

Article Source : 5 Top Blog Writing Tips : ArticleBase

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