How effective are Video Squeeze Pages

Video Squeeze pages have been there for a quite some time. But are they really effective? I mean when I see videos on a squeeze page, I rarely go click on it. However, not everyone does it like me. Video squeeze pages are a great marketing tool and quite effective in converting visitors into leads.

Earlier, Internet marketers were not at peace with themselves when they indulged in list building. The task was tedious and unproductive as they had to send mails to each of their prospective clients. But things changed with squeeze pages.

They instantly caught the fancy of marketers. Their use requires no effort at all. A marketer had to put them up on his website and then on automatically his mailing list would come to life.

But this was to not last long. Many marketers mostly the new ones starting using templates produced by amateur designers. These templates worked for a while until every niche got saturated with them.

Hence ordinary squeeze pages are not very effective now. What will work for you today is a video squeeze page.

A video squeeze page will allow you talk directly to your prospect thereby increasing your chances of making a conversion. It would also enable you to say more than text can say on a page without boring a visitor.

Creativity is highly appreciated. Marketers who are creative and cut out from the herd instantly have a loyal following. On Internet, where copying is the norm of the day, a creative marketer is certain of making a mark. There is no platform better than video to express your creativity.

It is possible to have multiple videos or thumbnails on a page, which the visitor can click if he wants to. But if you rely on text only, you either have to place a link to another page or you have more text on the page, both which will not succeed in getting him to sign up for your offer.

The true potential of a video squeeze pages is realized only if you get it custom designed. Using templates would not do much good as several others use them and their uniqueness is lost. And if your page reminds a visitor of another marketer’s page then your chances of building a big list will be all time low.

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