Likhe jo Khat tujhe vo Teri Yaad mein

Feeling absolutely amazing right now while listening to and posting this song here on the blog. Likhe jo khat tujhe is an evergreen song from the movie Kanyadaan, one of my all time favorites. Beautiful soul-touching poetry, great composition and sensational singing of Rafi makes it a class apart. Likhe jo khat tujhe vo teri  yaad mein hazaron rang ke nazaare ban gaye…you cannot sum it up better a feeling for your loved one than in these two lines. I will paste a download song link sometime later. For now, close your eyes, cut yourself off of any distraction & immerse in this song like I am doing right now.

Lyrics of Likhe jo khat tujhe

Likhe jo khat tujhe
voh teri yaad mein
hazaaron rang ke
nazaare ban gaye

Savera jab hua
Toh phool ban gaye
Jo raat aayi to
Sitaare ban gaye

Koi nagma kahin goonja
Kaha dil ne
Yeh tu aayi
Kahin chatki kali koi
Main yeh samjha, tu sharmaayi
Koi khushboo kahin bikhri
Laga yeh zulf lehraai

Likhe jo khat tujhe
voh teri yaad mein
hazaaron rang ke
nazaare ban gaye

Fiza rangeen, adaa rangeen
yeh ithlaana, yeh sharmaana
yeh angdaai, yeh tanhaayi
yeh tarsa kar, chale jaana
Bana dega nahi kisko
jawaan jadoo yeh deewana

Likhe jo khat tujhe..

Jahan tu hai, wahan main hoon
Mere dil ki tu dhadhkan hai
Musafir main tu manzil hai
Main pyaasa hoon tu saawan hai
Meri duniya yeh nazre hain
Meri jannat yeh daaman hai

Likhe jo khat tujhe….


  1. Angie said,

    Wrote on February 18, 2010 @ 22:14

    this one is the only song i am familiar with among all you have uploaded till now..!! Nice song!! BTW kaafi khat likhe jaa rhe hain… something is cooking up 😀

  2. kash said,

    Wrote on February 19, 2010 @ 17:27

    Arey nahi..Khat likhna peeche reh gaya..something else cooking up these days..sssh top secret! Lol

  3. sofia said,

    Wrote on April 3, 2010 @ 15:29

    hey whosoever has did this is the most cutest person in the world mast song hai ye yaar enjoyed it yaar….thanxxxxxxxxxxx….

  4. kash said,

    Wrote on April 3, 2010 @ 15:43

    Thanks Sofia..glad you liked it…There are more coming up…beautiful & meethe meethe songs like this…keep checking.

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