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Microsoft Bing Ads sign up problems

Tried to open a Bing ads account today for one of my clients and could not access even the sign up page. The same thing occurred last month in January as well.

Lately, I have heard many people were having problems opening bing ads account. Even if they managed to open one, the account gets inaccessible / closed after a few days. Bing community forums are rampant with such problems.

Wonder what’s wrong with Bing ads? If you are ¬†having the same problem, let your voice heard and perhaps then Bing support may notice and could get it fixed.

Review on,

This post has been sent to me by a friend of mine and shows the sad state of Indian web hosting / web designing companies who are now a days opened at every nook and corner of city. This also shows how unprofessional some of these companies are in dealing with their clients who are not aware of technicalities of website hosting, domain names etc. Here’s what she experienced…


Something related to Diet, health and fitness and an interesting diet program called Fruitarianism this time.
DIET – the most common word for almost every one of us. Who doesn’t want to have a slim and healthy body? No one! This is why numerous diet programs have been introduced to us. It basically taps 2 of the most important aspects of ourselves: brain and body. Undergoing a healthy diet can sustain and develop our brains. It can also lessen the likelihood of acquiring diseases.

One of the most common diet programs is Fruitarianism. Its definition is as simple as eating:

History and Origins of Computer Viruses and How to Protect Your Computer from Them

Turning on your computer to discover that it has been infected with a virus can be just as frustrating and upsetting as waking up to the realization that you’ve become really sick overnight. Computer viruses operate in much the same way as a biological virus in that they thrive on being passed from computer to computer. In other words, if you have an infected computer you’re likely to pass on that infection to all of your friends’ computers in the same way that you’d also pass the common cold onto them. Unlike a biological virus, however, your computer can infect the computer of a friend who isn’t even in the same country as you. Virus protection software is getting more advanced each day but it is still important for users to take precautions, especially with their e-mails.

Nexus Prime: Will It Be the iPhone 5 Killer?

Now, some news from Smartphone market. Smartphone industry has been seeing a lot of buzz lately as almost all the major players are trying to grab a piece of pie. Apple the current industry leader, is facing stiff competition from Samsung.
There have been many phones that have been labeled the iPhone killer over the past few years. The fact of the matter is that most of these smartphones have been very similar to the iPhone and have not been able to shake the fantastic grip that Apple has on the smartphone market. Some Android smartphones may have slightly better specifications and they may even look better, but Apple has a dedicated market and people find the iPhone very easy to set up, use and manage. That is why it has been such a best seller over the past few years. However, Google and Samsung have now teamed up to bring out a phone that will be called the Nexus Prime. This phone is unique because it will be called the first “ice cream sandwich” cell phone that has ever been released.

Tips for Good Health

Been long since I have posted anything on health & wellness. Here are some good tips for good health. Follow them & incorporate healthy living in your lifestyle. My favorite ones have been put in bold.

  • Drink at least 10 glasses of water a day.
  • Include two vegetables, one fruit & raw vegetable salad in your meal.
  • Start the day with a glass of warm water and a dash of lime. Do it for a month or two, take a break for a month and start again.
  • Use only fresh vegetables.

5 Writing Tips for Better Blogging

Blogging takes time, better blogging takes efforts. In order to differentiate your blog in the blogosphere, you must learn to blog better & that means learning to write better.  The following writing tips will help you in both writing & blogging better.

1. Keep it Simple

Reading text from a screen takes most people around 25% longer than reading from printed media, plus it’s a lot more tiring. Make your blog more attractive to your readers by using simple language and dedicating each sentence and each paragraph to a single idea or concept.

2. Front-load Content